Financial Reports

ICRW is a 501 c(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. with regional offices in New Delhi, India and Kampala, Uganda. ICRW is supported by grants, contracts and contributions from international and national development agencies, foundations, corporations and individuals.

Financial Reports

ICRW Annual Financial Report FY2018 (PDF)

ICRW Annual Financial Report FY2017 (PDF)

ICRW Annual Financial Report FY2016 (PDF)

ICRW Annual Financial Report FY2015 (PDF)

ICRW Audited Financial Report FY2014 (PDF)

ICRW Audited Financial Report FY2013 (PDF)

ICRW Audited Financial Report FY2012 (PDF)

ICRW Audited Financial Report FY2011 (PDF)

ICRW Annual Financial Report FY2010 (PDF)


990 Forms

ICRW 990 Form FY2018 (PDF)

ICRW 990 Form FY2017 (PDF)

ICRW 990 Form FY2016 (PDF)

ICRW 990 Form FY2015 (PDF)

ICRW 990 Form FY2014 (PDF)

ICRW 990 Form FY2013 (PDF)

ICRW 990 Form FY2012 (PDF)

ICRW 990 Form FY2011 (PDF)

ICRW 990 Form FY2010 (PDF)

Asia Regional Office

To view the Asia Regional Office’s 2015 FCRA balance sheet click here.

To view the Asia Regional Office’s 2015 FCRA grants, click here.