Social Norms & Power Dynamics

How Do We Define Equitable Social Norms & Power Dynamics?

Illuminating and transforming social norms and power dynamics to facilitate the safety, well-being and full social inclusion of all people, including those who are marginalized because of their gender identity. Solutions must be rights-based, challenge inequities, enable access to essential resources, and empower people to lead fulfilling lives.

Our Solution

Our research focuses on identifying the norms that create gender inequality and the ways in which they manifest in different contexts. We then develop innovative methods of measuring norms and their changes in norms and test and disseminate emerging evidence and best practices. Through our partnerships, we create and implement norm change curricula and seminars, aimed at breaking down the rigid social boxes that contribute to gender inequality.

We work to shift mindsets, institutions, and structures that underlie and perpetuate inequitable social norms. This is critical to promote social and gender equity, as social norms can be powerful drivers of community behaviors and attitudes. When we change norms, we create new possibilities for people, particularly women and girls, and challenge the systems that keep them trapped in a disadvantage.


Examples Of Our Work


Gender Equity Movement in Schools (India)

Gender Equity Movement in Schools (India)

Since 2008, ICRW has been testing and replicating the Gender Equity Movement in Schools (GEMS) program, a school-based intervention that promotes gender equality between girls and boys, takes a closer look at social norms that define men’s and women’s roles and counters gender-based violence.

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Gender Equitable Male Engagement (Tanzania and Rwanda)

Gender Equitable Male Engagement (Tanzania and Rwanda)

ICRW is evaluating the benefits of engaging male partners and other male champions in women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment programming. Emerging evidence is supporting us to develop a toolkit for male engagement and gender norm transformation as a way to create an enabling environment for women’s empowerment.

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Enabling Girls to Advance Gender Equity

Enabling Girls to Advance Gender Equity

The ENGAGE program was launched in Malawi in 2016 to address the issue of child marriage, which poses lifelong risks for girls in terms of health, education, and economic opportunities. The program trains girls in leadership and advocacy while empowering civil society leaders to create local laws prohibiting harmful practices. ICRW serves as the research partner, evaluating the program's impact on community attitudes and practices surrounding child marriage, as well as beliefs towards girls' education and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

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Meet Our Experts

Private: Nalini V. Khurana

Technical Specialist – Gender and Social Inclusion

Pranita Achyut

Director of Research and Programs, ICRW Asia

Ravi Verma

Executive Director, ICRW Asia

Sapna Kedia

Assistant Director - Gender and Social Development

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