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ICRW Announces Appointment of New Africa Regional Director, Evelyne Opondo

About Our Work

Gender inequity lies at the root of every major problem the world faces. And so gender must inform every solution, from creating sustainable business practices, to expanding opportunities for youth, to addressing the ever-changing health challenges globally.

ICRW meets the world’s problems with proof. We conduct pioneering research that has illuminated our understanding of why child marriage still happens, and how to prevent it. We have contributed to a deeper understanding of how men and women make decisions around sex and family planning. And we have worked to improve conditions for women throughout a major corporate supply chain, from garment factory to retail floor.

Driven by our vision of equity for all, our researchers dig into the ways gender shapes societies and the ways people’s lives are diminished by power imbalances. When we find the proof, we take it out into the light and transform it into answers. Answers that power our advocacy. Answers that inform our consulting. Answers that animate our program design.

ICRW brings proof to power, and that makes all the difference in the world.


For more than 30 years, ICRW has worked extensively in Africa to understand and promote women’s roles in social and economic development.

We have collaborated with numerous local and regional partners to economically empower women, improve their health, reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS and protect women from violence.

We conduct rigorous gender-related research in a number of thematic areas; strengthen the monitoring, evaluation and research capacities of organizations; disseminate state-of-the-art resource materials; promote evidence-based advocacy; and work with key stakeholders to develop solutions that address various gender issues in the public and private sectors. We work across all of ICRW’s thematic focus areas, including youth livelihoods, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), land rights, the prevention and response to violence against women and children and financial inclusion.



Our Africa regional offices are located in Nairobi, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda. We collaborate closely with local, regional and international partners to undertake field research and program work. And we communicate our findings and experience to policymakers through advocacy efforts that are grounded in sound evidence and data.

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Our Work

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Regional and Project Offices

ICRW Africa Regional Office (Kenya)
Vienna Court, Ground Floor, State House Crescent, Nairobi, Kenya
P.O. Box 44168 – 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
Phone numbers: (+254) 20 5138 584
Email: info.kenya@icrw.org

ICRW Africa Regional Office (Uganda)
1st Floor, S&L Chambers, Plot 14 Mackinnon Road, Nakasero – Kampala, Uganda
OR: P.O. Box 2475, Kampala, Uganda
Phone Number: +256 393 206 506
Email: info.uganda@icrw.org