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To learn about our assessment of care, the impact of COVID-19 and current events on the availability and quality of care services, and our recomendations.

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How We Work

Gender Equity Diagnostics. We use methods to conduct an assessment of clients’ corporate and supply chain operations, and we create standardized screening tools and diagnostics that clients can own and use.

Gender Strategy Design. We guide clients through Theory of Change exercises to create long-term visions and pathways for achieving desired impacts at work and in society. We help clients iterate and craft KPIs and goals that are measurable, lean, and meaningful.

Capacity Building. Our work includes building phased action plans to help clients reach their goals, including recommendations on policy and practice improvements, intersectional approaches with other organizational priorities and training and workshops for leadership and employees

Measure & Evaluation. Across sectors and product and service areas, we create tools that help our client organizations measure material progress toward their goals. We also provide end-to-end data collection and analysis, including surveys, interviews, and focus groups in rapid assessments and longer-term impact evaluation.

Meet Our Private Sector Experts

Rachel Oguntola

Project Manager