Breaking Down Barriers to Gender Equity

Our Annual Report

ICRW takes a look back at 2019, our successes and the challenges we faced. Learn more about our flagship programs, emerging work and thoughts on the road that lies ahead.

About Our Work

Gender inequity lies at the root of every major problem the world faces. And so gender must inform every solution, from creating sustainable business practices, to expanding opportunities for youth, to addressing the ever-changing health challenges globally.

ICRW meets the world’s problems with proof. We conduct pioneering research that has illuminated our understanding of why child marriage still happens, and how to prevent it. We have contributed to a deeper understanding of how men and women make decisions around sex and family planning. And we have worked to improve conditions for women throughout a major corporate supply chain, from garment factory to retail floor.

Driven by our vision of equity for all, our researchers dig into the ways gender shapes societies and the ways people’s lives are diminished by power imbalances. When we find the proof, we take it out into the light and transform it into answers. Answers that power our advocacy. Answers that inform our consulting. Answers that animate our program design.

ICRW brings proof to power, and that makes all the difference in the world.

COVID-19: A message to you, our community

As our global community faces the medical, economic and emotional challenges brought on by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to make sure you know that all of you are in our thoughts and guide our actions every day.

Along with other institutions around the world, we are closely monitoring the evolving situation and doing our very best to ensure the health and well-being of our staff, partners and broader community.

Overcoming this challenge will require a commitment from all of us – a commitment to following the latest and most trusted health protocols. But it also requires a heightened dedication to self-care and community-based support.

We will work our way through this challenge together, one day at a time. We appreciate your commitment to ICRW. Our commitment to you, our community, remains steadfast.

Read the letter from our President and learn more about what we are thinking and doing now and through recovery (click here).


The Latest From ICRW


Partners are vital to our work at ICRW. Here are some of the current and past partners that collaborate with us to improve the lives of women, girls and marginalized communities worldwide.