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Toward A Feminist Foreign Policy in the United States: A Memo to The Next Administration

As a new administration prepares to take leadership in Washington, The Coalition for a Feminist Foreign Policy in the U.S. led by ICRW offers a blueprint to depart from “business as usual” and tackle global inequality.

Remembering Justice Ginsburg

On Friday, September 18th, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Brooklyn-born champion of women’s rights and gender equality – and second woman in history to sit on the bench of the U.S. Supreme Court – passed her torch to the next generation, leaving behind a legacy unparalleled.

As a woman, mother, and daughter of Jewish immigrants, Ginsburg faced the very same discrimination she would spend decades fighting in the courtroom. She devoted her life to lifting up others and breaking down the barriers that faced them.

Rest in power, Justice Ginsburg.

Read ICRW’s full statement.

About Our Work

Gender inequity lies at the root of every major problem the world faces. And so gender must inform every solution, from creating sustainable business practices, to expanding opportunities for youth, to addressing the ever-changing health challenges globally.

ICRW meets the world’s problems with proof. We conduct pioneering research that has illuminated our understanding of why child marriage still happens, and how to prevent it. We have contributed to a deeper understanding of how men and women make decisions around sex and family planning. And we have worked to improve conditions for women throughout a major corporate supply chain, from garment factory to retail floor.

Driven by our vision of equity for all, our researchers dig into the ways gender shapes societies and the ways people’s lives are diminished by power imbalances. When we find the proof, we take it out into the light and transform it into answers. Answers that power our advocacy. Answers that inform our consulting. Answers that animate our program design.

ICRW brings proof to power, and that makes all the difference in the world.

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