Feminist Foreign Policy Index: A Qualitative Evaluation of Feminist Commitments

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Foteini Papagioti

The Feminist Foreign Policy Index (FFP Index) is a new tool developed to assess countries’ progress toward a feminist foreign policy (FFP) approach. The Index evaluates 48 OECD member countries on seven key priority areas, including peace and militarization, gender equality, institutional commitments, climate, and others, through 27 indicators. The Index is not intended to be a critique of existing FFP frameworks but rather serves as an accountability mechanism and cross-country comparison tool. The FFP Index scores countries from 0 (weak integration of feminist commitments) to 1 (strong integration of feminist commitments).

Sweden tops the list with the most integrated FFP approach, while European and Latin American countries dominate the top 10 spots. The FFP Index aims to incentivize change and offer a template for countries to prioritize when developing or revising their FFP frameworks. The authors hope that the FFP Index will encourage deeper reflection and bolder action in governments that already apply a feminist lens to their foreign policies, as well as present those considering an FFP with an array of policy options to incorporate into their frameworks. The Index is a timely contribution to the growing movement toward feminist policymaking and gender equality.

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Papagioti, Foteini (2023). Feminist Foreign Policy Index: A Qualitative Evaluation of Feminist Commitments. Washington, DC: International Center for Research on Women.