(Re)Solve Family Planning Program

Abortion, Family Planning, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

ICRW is serving as the monitoring and evaluation partner for (re)solve. (Re)solve was designed to generate and rapidly test innovative solutions to resolve behavioral barriers and increase women’s use of modern contraception in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and Bangladesh. In partnership with Pathfinder International, Camber Collective and ideas42, ICRW will capture the process by which our partners use human-centered design principles to develop innovative solutions to reach women with unmet need for family planning in each of the project’s countries. ICRW will also monitor how our partners adapt these solutions as the consortium discovers what works or what does not during the testing of these solutions. ICRW will work closely with Pathfinder to capture and disseminate knowledge about the process by which these solutions are adapted.

In each of the three countries, Camber began with their audience segmentation process for the target populations of interest. Next, ideas42 conducted a rapid assessment of the target population, and will soon develop solutions to address behavioral barriers to accessing and using modern contraceptive methods for this populations. In Burkina Faso, (re)solve is working with unmarried and married youth, in Ethiopia, the team is working with post-partum women and in Bangladesh, the team is working with garment workers.

In each country, through rapid and iterative testing of these solutions, the (re)solve team will discover which solutions best support women to use modern methods, and which do not. ICRW will evaluate the solution(s) chosen for scale up in each country, and the process by which our partners developed and selected those solutions.

Through its role in (re)solve, ICRW and the rest of the team will increase knowledge about effective interventions to increase the uptake of modern contraceptive use among women wishing to avoid pregnancy in the three target countries. Additionally, ICRW and the (re)solve team will generate much-needed knowledge about how various interventions addressing unmet need can be rapidly tested and then adapted to new populations and contexts.

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Duration: 2016-2020
Funder: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Partners: Pathfinder International, Camber Collective, ideas42
Project Director: Laura Hinson
Project Countries: Burkina Faso, Bangladesh, Ethiopia

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