Gender Stat: wages & benefits

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Áine Duggan, Gail Cooper, Rosa Cho, Sudha Rao

Comparing wages and benefits in the United States today may seem like a simple task. Round up key numbers from government agencies such as the Department of Labor or state-level labor agencies, with a focus on different segments of the labor market. Highlight benefits common to most jobs, then single out a few special perks. Add in statistics from labor organizations and advocacy groups, and done—right? Yet the labor market in the United States, like the demographics of the country, is evolving very quickly. What counts as a full- or part-time employee, a regular or temporary job, or wage-based versus piecework income? Are government subsidies benefits that are equally enjoyed by low-wage, middle-income and highly compensated workers? How are employers handling the challenge of maximizing workplace efficiency and increasing return on investments made by stockholders and venture capitalists while managing employees’ needs and productivity?