Illuminating Pathways to Reproductive Health, Rights and Empowerment for Girls

Project Duration

2012 - 2014

Project Funder

Packard Foundation

Project Countries

Bangladesh ,Egypt ,India

Project issues/theme

Adolescent Girls, Adolescents and Youth, Child Marriage

ICRW Project Director

Ann Warner


Through our past research ICRW has identified the causes and harmful effects of child marriage. Additionally, we have identified key program approaches that show potential for delaying and reducing child marriage. While this general understanding has been established, there is a demonstrated need for more specific guidance on programs and policies that will allow adolescent girls in the world’s poorest countries to know, understand, and claim their rights and improve their lives.

The primary objectives of this project are to: 1) illuminate potential “pathways to empowerment” for adolescent girls and women by conducting a deeper assessment of programs that have successfully delayed marriage and childbearing, and 2) mobilize funding, commitment, and action on girls’ education, empowerment, and reproductive health through targeted research and advocacy. Currently ICRW is conducting case studies of several programs that are addressing child marriage in diverse settings, including India, Bangladesh and Egypt. We will release a major report in 2014 that will highlight the key findings from these case studies, providing guidance to donors, practitioners and policymakers on how best to address child marriage in the developing world.

Read the full report, More Power to Her: How Empowering Girls Can Help End Child Marriage.