Women’s empowerment and its differential impact on health in low-income communities in Mumbai, India

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Moonzwe Davis, L., Schensul, S. L., Schensul, J. J., Verma, R. K., Nastasi, B. K., & Singh, R.

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Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

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Global Public Health

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This paper examines the relationship of empowerment to women’s self-reported general health status and women’s self-reported health during pregnancy in low-income communities in Mumbai. We draw on two data sources: in-depth qualitative interviews conducted with 66 married women and a survey sample of 260 married women. Our analysis shows that empowerment functions differently in relation to women’s reproductive status. Non-pregnant women with higher levels of empowerment experience greater general health problems, while pregnant women with higher levels of empowerment are less likely to experience pregnancy-related health problems.