Demand generation activities and modern contraceptive use in urban areas of four countries: a longitudinal evaluation

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Speizer, I. S., Corroon, M., Calhoun, L., Lance, P., Montana, L., Nanda, P. et al.

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Family Planning

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Global Health: Science and Practice

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This paper presents the midterm evaluation findings of the Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (Urban RH Initiative) programs, which are being implemented in four countries: India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Senegal. Evaluation results demonstrate that, in each country where it was measured, outreach by community health or family planning workers as well as local radio programs were significantly associated with increased use of modern contraceptive methods. It was shown that targeted, multi-level demand generation activities can make an important contribution to increasing modern contraceptive use in urban areas and could impact Millennium Development Goals for improved maternal and child health and access to reproductive health for all.