The ICRW Corporate Circle

Members of the Corporate Circle receive the quarterly update highlighting key trends and top news.

The ICRW Corporate Circle is an exclusive membership group and powerful engagement platform for senior corporate executives charged with developing strategies to maximize business growth, expanding market share and establishing synergies for greater good.

In today’s business world, attracting the best and the brightest talent requires an understanding of strategies that prioritize retention, diversity of thought and equitable promotion to foster optimal performance. ICRW’s Corporate Circle provides executive members with a platform to engage experts on promising practices to achieve greater success in corporate social responsibility, sustainability and talent management by aligning gender strategies with business goals. Studies have proven that an integrated and sustainable approach to empowering women across the business value chain yields a high return on investment (ROI).

The ICRW Corporate Circle connects senior executives with other executives, researchers, practitioners and thought leaders to help tackle some of the toughest issues facing corporations today.

Contact ICRW Advisors to learn more about the ICRW Corporate Circle and how to become a member.


About ICRW:

Located in Washington, DC, with regional offices in India and Uganda, ICRW is the world’s leading applied research organization building evidence on what works to advance women’s rights and gender equality. ICRW Advisors is a fee-for-service, not-for-profit consulting group within ICRW focused on the private and public sectors. Revenue generated from ICRW Advisors’ engagements is used to support ICRW’s gender research and programming. The ICRW Corporate Circle is managed by ICRW Advisors.