Women’s Land Rights Vital to Food & Economic Security

Article Date

14 October 2014

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Anne McPherson

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Can a piece of paper shield women from land grabs in Uganda?

Proscovia Nnamulondo of the ICRW-supported In Her Name Coalition, which is advocating for greater land ownership for women, reflects on a recent trip to post-conflict northern Uganda where she met Colina, a farmer and a widow who nearly lost her land to those closest to her. More »




In Tanzania, a reason to celebrate International Day of Rural Women 

This week marks International Day of Rural Women, as well as World Food Day. Both are cause for exceptional celebration in Tanzania this year with the recent passing of a new national constitution that for the first time provides all women with the same rights as men to own land. Faudhia Yassin of the ICRW-supported Mama Ardhi Alliance, a group of five Tanzanian rights organizations advocating for greater land rights for women, tells us why this is so critical for women, their children and, in the end, for all Tanzanians. More »