Statement on the 2020 Meetings of the W20 in Saudi Arabia

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Statement by Lyric Thompson, Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy, regarding the International Center for Research on Women’s role in the W20 this year:

“It has been my privilege to represent my organization and my country as a U.S. delegate to the W20—the official women’s stakeholder group advocating to advance women’s rights in the G20’s deliberations— where I have pushed for commitments to gender equality and women’s human rights, in line with ICRW’s mission and evidence as to what works to advance these goals. Now more than ever, the world needs advocates to assert rights and defend against the closing of space for civil society engagement. Forums for multilateral dialogue and cooperation, like this one, are more important than ever, and we have valued the opportunity to caucus with fellow experts and advocates for women’s issues in this space. However, for various reasons, we have decided not to participate in this year’s meetings in Saudi Arabia, and stand in solidarity with women’s rights activists in the country and around the world who are linking arms in the name of equality and justice for all. I look forward to future opportunities to engage and help shape the G20’s actions to promote women’s rights and empowerment within their own borders and around the world.”

ICRW stands behind this commitment to ensuring rights, equality, justice and open dialogue. We remain resolute in our call for accountability, transparency and addressing deep-rooted systemic inequities worldwide.