Joanna Breyer

Leadership Council Member

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from George Washington University

Joanna Breyer (she/her) is a clinical psychologist and author based in Washington D.C. She was born in New York City, and later attended Yale University where she received her undergraduate degree in English. She went on to receive her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from George Washington University.

Breyer has worked as a clinical psychologist for over 25 years, specializing in the treatment of trauma, grief, and loss. She has worked with individuals, families, and groups dealing with a wide range of emotional and psychological challenges, including those related to death and dying, and has been an advocate for mental health and wellness.

Breyer is also a published author, with her work focusing on the intersection of psychology and the arts. Her book, “When Your Child Is Sick: A Guide to Navigating the Practical and Emotional Challenges of Caring for a Child Who Is Very Ill,” explores the emotional impact of caring for a seriously ill child, and offers practical advice for parents and caregivers navigating the healthcare system.

In addition to her clinical work and writing, Breyer is also involved in several community organizations and has served on the boards of several nonprofit organizations focused on education and the arts. She is also a member of the American Psychological Association and the International Psycho-Oncology Society.

Breyer’s work as a psychologist and author has been widely recognized, and she has received numerous honors and awards for her contributions to the field of psychology and healthcare. She continues to be an active voice in the conversation on mental health and wellness, and her work has had a significant impact on the lives of individuals and families dealing with the challenges of trauma, grief, and loss.