Expanding Effective Contraceptive Options (EECO)

Family Planning, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Around the world, more than 220 million women have an unmet need for modern family planning. Nearly half of these women cite method-related reasons for non-use. In order to address the need for new and improved contraceptive methods, ICRW worked with Women Care Global, Evofem Population Services International (PSI), and Everyone Mobile (E1M) to provide women with new women-initiated methods of contraceptives to prevent unplanned pregnancy and protect their health.

ICRW served as the research partner and has conducted research with potential users of these new methods, initially in Malawi and Zambia. ICRW provided partners and health care providers with research findings in order to better understand decision-making around contraceptive use, product accessibility, and potential barriers to using these new products. This report provides recommendations on how marketing campaigns can be improved to ensure better uptake of these two forms of contraceptives.

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Understanding the Social and Cultural Context of Gender Dynamics, Sexual Relationships and Method Choice: Impact on Family Planning Use in Malawi and Zambia

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Duration: 2013-2018
Funder: USAID
Partners: Women Care Global, Population Services International, Evofem, and Every1Mobile
Project Director: Suzanne Petroni
Project Countries: Zambia, Malawi

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