WeProsper Research Salon Brief: Women’s Economic Empowerment and Climate Action

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report cover, click through link to reportOn June 29, 2023, WeProsper hosted our third Research Salon on the nexus of women’s economic empowerment (WEE) and climate action. The session featured research presentations from SEWA Bharat, Solar Sister, University of Nairobi WEE Hub, and Oxfam. Following the presentations, two advocacy discussants from Landesa and WEDO reflected on the research and discussed connections to ongoing global advocacy and policy dialogues. This brief outlines the key takeaways from the research presented by each organization, followed by policy and advocacy implications shared by the discussants. 

The research shows that the collection, compilation, analysis, and use of data at the intersection of gender and the environment is fundamental to inform more targeted policy-making and financing decisions. Participants recognized that the confluence of the gender, economic justice, women’s economic empowerment and and climate justice agendas is becoming increasingly recognized across movement and policy spaces and gender-just solutions already exist. However, increased funding, stronger partnerships and coalitions, improved storytelling and sharing of best practices within the movement is critical, particularly to support locally-led solutions.