Understanding and challenging HIV stigma

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Toolkit for action

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Ross Kidd and Sue Clay

Evidence from an ICRW-led multi-country study in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Vietnam and Zambia shows that the key causes and consequences of HIV/AIDS-related stigma have many more similarities than differences across contexts. Using research findings and lessons learned, ICRW worked with various partners to create a stigma-reduction toolkit.

The original toolkit, developed by ICRW and the CHANGE project, is a collection of participatory educational exercises to raise awareness and promote action to challenge HIV stigma. Trainers can select from the exercises to plan their own courses for different target groups, including AIDS professionals and community groups. The aim is to help people at all levels understand stigma and develop strategies to challenge stigma and discrimination.

A revised edition builds on the original toolkit and includes the experience of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance’s Regional Stigma Training Project. New modules address stigma as it relates to treatment, children and youth, and men who have sex with men.

Download the revised toolkit by module:
Introduction & Module A: Naming the problem

Module B:  More understanding, less fear &
Module C:  Sex, morality, shame and blame

Module D:  The family and stigma &
Module E:  Home-based care and stigma

Module F:  Coping with stigma &
Module G:  Treatment and stigma

Module H:  MSM and stigma

Module I:  Children and stigma

Module J:  Young people and stigma

Moving to Action Module

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Download the original toolkit: