Reducing HIV stigma and gender based violence toolkit for health care providers in India

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Ross Kidd, Nandini Prasad, Jyothsna, Mirza Tajuddin, Ramesh Ginni, Nata Duvvury

This toolkit is a guide for the trainers of health care providers. The overall aim is to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS by making it easier for people living with HIV to access health services, disclose their status and prevent the spread of HIV to others, while also eliminating some of the barriers that impede the ability of uninfected women to protect themselves from the virus. Using the toolkit, you will be able to plan and organize educational sessions with health care providers to challenge HIV-related stigma and gender-based violence. The toolkit will help you raise awareness of the causes and consequences of stigma and violence, and promote action and advocacy to combat them.

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Introduction to the Toolkit
Chapter A: HIV Stigma – Naming and Owning the Problem
Chapter B: Gender Violence – Naming & Owning the Problem
Chapter C: Shame and Blame – Stigma & Emotional Violence
Chapter D: More Understanding and Less Fear
Chapter E: Moving to Action
Annex 1: Fact Sheets
Annex 2: Making Your Own Training Program

Annex 3: Games for Training
Annex 4: Overview of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005
Annex 5: Pictures for Use in Toolkit Sessions
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