Plan-It Girls: Empowerment & Employability

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Empowerment and Employability for Adolescent Girls in India

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Plan-It Girls is a multi-level, multi-stakeholder intervention that aims to build agency of adolescent girls and promote gender equality at the local level. Based on a socio-ecological approach, the program leverages a gender-integrated life-skills and employability skills personal advancement curriculum tailored for girls in grades 9 and 11 in government schools in New Delhi and in two districts of Jharkhand, India.

The program has multi-level interventions and works with principals and teachers, parents, boys, community members, business leaders and policymakers to create an environment to support girls and their aspirations.

Plan-It Girls seeks to create linkages to access further education or employment opportunities for the girls and allow them to move from the acquisition of skills to their application.

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