Plan-It Girls – Career and Employability Companion for Jharkhand

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A Reference Book for Teachers and Students

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The Careers and Employability Companion is intended to be used by schools and teachers to assist girl students in accessing information related to the career paths available to them. The document contains detailed information on both vocational and academic opportunities, with a special emphasis on industries such as Beauty and Wellness, Hospitality, Information Technology, and Retail which offer significant scope for employment within India.

The document also contains information related to various institutions and training centres available in the Plan-It Girls Programme intervention areas in Jharkhand (Deoghar and Pakur), Santhal Parganas and nearby cities. This document has been developed as part of the Plan-It Girls programme. Under this programme, girls in classes 9th to 12th of selected government schools in Delhi and Jharkhand received in-classroom sessions on the topics Self, Self-Efficacy, Resourcefulness and Employability over two years (2017-2019). The in-classroom sessions with girls were based on the Personal Advancement & Career Enhancement (P.A.C.E.) for Adolescents Curriculum, which focuses on enhancing adolescent girls’ agency and fostering gender-equitable norms. The curriculum also provides information to adolescent girls on employability and equips them with the information and professional competencies they need for achieving their professional goals.

Under the employability component of the curriculum, students received information relating to goal setting, aspiration mapping, career development and job preparedness. To ensure the sustainability of the programme, the Companion aims to assist adolescent girls in exploring different career choices, mapping their career paths and accessing the courses available to them for acquiring skills relevant to their chosen professions. In line with the objectives of the Plan-It Girls Programme, the Companion will assist students to make informed decisions about their career goals and identify the best strategy for achieving them, regardless of whether they wish to study further, enter employment or start an entrepreneurial venture. Simultaneously, the document is a reservoir of information relevant to girls’ empowerment, employability and entrepreneurship.

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This Careers and Employability Companion has been prepared by Restless Development with support from International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) under Plan-It Girls Programme. The information for this document has been collected from various open sources on the internet. This is an educational document mainly composed of non-copyright matter, intended to assist teachers and students in accessing career-related information. The information contained in this document may be quoted or reproduced partially or in full only with prior permission from Restless Development, ICRW and/or BMGF.