On the map: charting the landscape of girl work

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Margaret Greene, Anjala Kanesathasan, Gwennan Hollingworth, Jennifer Browning and Eve Goldstein-Siegel

Girls receive a disproportionally small share of the total development dollars invested globally each year, but the field is primed for even greater action and investment. Before charting the way forward, it is important to understand more about current efforts underway on behalf of girls.

ICRW designed a mapping exercise to identify the scope and range of girl work being undertaken by key development actors and to analyze the core directions, synergies, opportunities and gaps inherent across the efforts of multiple stakeholders.

This report presents the key findings from this exercise, describing what we have learned about the donors and organizations engaged in girl work, the policy and program efforts underway, and current and future directions for the field. It is hoped that the findings and considerations emerging from this mapping exercise will contribute toward a more strategic and coordinated effort to mobilize additional actors, resources and ideas on behalf of girls around the world.