Measuring HIV stigma

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Results of a field test in Tanzania

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Laura Nyblade, Kerry MacQuarrie, Fausta Phillip, Gideon Kwesigabo, Jessie Mbwambo, John Ndega, Charles Katende, Elaine Yuan, Lisanne Brown, Anne Stangl

The demand for stigma indicators has continued to increase, particularly from USAID global missions and their partner agencies. Implementing agencies and donors need tested indicators by which they can reliably assess stigma in a given setting and measure progress in reducing it. In response to this need, USAID funded this first step of field-testing and validation of an initial set of stigma indicators at one site in Tanzania. This project builds on the findings of ICRW and its partners in a multi-country study on stigma, and on the Horizons and POLICY Project work on stigma. The specific aim of this project is to examine, test, and validate selected stigma indicators from the Blue Book and the 2004 stigma and discrimination interagency working group workshop. The results of this effort are included in this working report.