Measurement, Learning & Evaluation of the Urban Reproductive Health Initiative

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Uttar Pradesh, India, baseline survey 2010

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Priya Nanda, Pranita Achyut, Anurag Mishra, Lisa Calhoun

The Measurement, Learning & Evaluation (MLE) project is the evaluation component of the Urban Reproductive Health Initiative, a multi-country program in India, Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal that aims to improve the health of the urban poor. A key objective of the project is to undertake a rigorous impact evaluation of the country programs, identifying the most effective and cost-efficient programmatic approaches to improving contraceptive use among the urban poor.

This report presents baseline survey results from samples in six cities in Uttar Pradesh, India. These findings provide an in-depth, quantitative examination of the factors that influence contraceptive use and fertility. Data from this survey can help guide program planners and policymakers as they determine which policies and programs are likely to lead to the desired reproductive health outcomes.

The MLE project is implemented by the University of North Carolina’s Carolina Population Center, in collaboration with African Population and Health Research Center and the International Center for Research on Women. For more information about the MLE project, visit