Know Violence in Childhood India Initiative

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Evidence Building and Media Advocacy

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Violence against children is a problem that affects families and societies globally, and children in India are not an exception to it.  As per the Census 2011, India, children (less than 18 years of age) constitute around 37 percent of the country’s population, a fact which gives the hope of a demographic dividend. However, this also poses a challenge with respect to providing an environment that is enabling and helps enhance their capabilities and widen their choices as well as freedom. For millions of children who face violence in India in their everyday lives, these capabilities are further restricted.

Know Violence in Childhood (KVIC) is a global initiative that seeks to address violence in childhood through prioritized and coordinated action and by leveraging available information on the prevalence of childhood violence as well as the scope and effectiveness of strategies that help to prevent such violence.

Know Violence in Childhood in India (KVIC India) aims at building evidence and promoting advocacy with various stakeholders – the government, media, civil society organizations, NGOs, institutions, etc. – to prevent and address violence experienced by children in two states of India – Jharkhand and Haryana.

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