Kanayaka: understanding HIV and AIDS related stigma in urban and rural Zambia

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Virginia Bond, Levy Chilikwela, Sue Clay, Titus Kafuma, Laura Nyblade, Nadia Bettega,

As the impact of the HIV and AIDS epidemic deepens in Sub-Saharan Africa, and medical interventions to extend and improve the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS become more widely available, the need to understand and counter HIV and AIDS related stigma and discrimination has grown more urgent. It is widely acknowledged that stigma is one of the “greatest barriers” to HIV care and prevention. USAID recognized that there was a dearth of data to inform the design of interventions to reduce stigma and discriminatory practices and, in response, supported a three-country research study to be conducted by the ICRW, the CHANGE Project and local partners in Africa. This report synthesizes the findings of that study.