The Impact of Early & Delayed Marriage on Decision-Making in Ibadan, Nigeria

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Sebany, M., Barre, I., and John, N.

One way to think about power is in the ability to make choices. Agency and the availability of resources both play a role in decision-making. In Sub-Saharan Africa, as in many places around the world, women continue to face socio-economic challenges and limited reproductive freedoms, which diminishes their ability to exercise agency and choice in their lives and their environment. Child marriage, a practice prohibited by international law, perpetuates gender inequalities and hampers women’s agency to advocate for their rights.

This research study was carried out in Ibadan, Nigeria from June through December 2017. The study was conducted by ICRW, in collaboration with the University of Ibadan. In this brief, we examine and compare marital relationships of child brides and non-child brides with regards to power dynamics, decision-making patterns and contraceptive use.