IDS Bulletin: Gender & Energy

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Opportunities for All

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ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: IDS Bulletin © Institute of Development Studies 2020 , Vol. 51 No. 1 (2020).

The global drive to provide universal access to sustainable and modern energy by 2030 is creating numerous opportunities for energy users and suppliers. However, men and women do not benefit equally from these opportunities. Women’s contribution to energy planning, supply, and policymaking is limited, as the energy sector is heavily dominated by men. Therefore, universal energy access cannot be achieved without women being able to use the modern energy services they need. Despite these stark gender differences in the energy sector, there has been a lack of evidence to inform more equitable policymaking. This issue of the IDS Bulletin aims to fill some of these evidence gaps through five original papers, produced as part of ENERGIA’s Gender and Energy Research Programme.

ICRW Article Contribution: Strengthening the Women’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem within the Energy Sector by Anita Shankar, Amanda B. Elam and Allie Glinski (ICRW).

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