Gendering MPSRLM Institutions: The Case of Gender Justice Program in Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh – Proof of Concept

Recognizing the need to strengthen gender-responsive institutions and practices in Sheopur, the Gender Justice Program (GJP) set out to integrate a strong gender lens within the Madhya Pradesh State Rural Livelihoods Mission (MPSRLM) institutional framework and establish systems and practices that empower rural women to voice and visibilize their concerns utilizing MPSRLM platforms.

The Proof of Concept report analyses whether the Theory of Change with which Area Networking and Development Initiatives (ANANDI) started the GJP in Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh, was achieved and what were the pathways of change. It demonstrates the changes (outcomes) enabled by GJP, the pathways of change (strategies and processes) and their embeddedness in the MPSRLM structures and processes. It further presents a roadmap to upscale gender integration model such as the GJP within the State Rural Livelihoods Missions existing structures.


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The research reported in this publication has been conducted as part of a study undertaken by ICRW Asia, Testing and scaling approaches and interventions to support gender transformative work with NRLM, and supported by IWWAGE. The facts and information in this report may be reproduced/quoted/cited only for non-commercial use and with appropriate attribution.