Gender Integration within MPSRLM: Case of Gender Justice Program: Research Brief

The research brief presents a summary analysis of the key strategies and outcomes of the Gender Justice Program (GJP) along with a roadmap for scaling it. The insights presented in the research brief draw on the process documentation of the GJP undertaken by the ICRW research team from January 2020 to March 2021. Beginning with an overview of the research questions and methodology, the document lays out the key strategies and implementation approaches followed by GJP, focusing on three major pillars of Feminist Leadership Development, Institutional Strengthening, and Gender Mainstreaming. Upon detailing the outcomes of these strategies, the research brief provides a roadmap for upscaling the GJP within the Madhya Pradesh State Rural Livelihood Missions (MPSRLM). It is a guiding document for development practitioners who seek to design and implement similar gender-focused programs at the grassroot level.

Publication Rights:

The research reported in this publication has been conducted as part of a study undertaken by ICRW Asia, Testing and scaling approaches and interventions to support gender transformative work with NRLM and supported by IWWAGE. The facts and information in this report may be reproduced/quoted /cited only for non-commercial use and with appropriate attribution.