Fertility decline and marital gender relations in Egypt

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Susan Lee-Rife, ICRW; Kirsten Stobenau, ICRW; Kathryn Yount, Emory University

This paper examines the relationship between changes in marital gender relations and the macro-level fertility regine over the course of the last several decades in Egypt. Analysis relies primarily on the multivariate analysis of age cohorts over time in 20 of Egypt’s 26 governorates drawing from several rounds of Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) data. Marital gender relation measures include shared decision-making in the household and perceived justifications for domestic violence.

The abstract is available here. This research is part of a series of empirical studies from the Fertility and Empowerment Network, which is examining whether and to what extent increasingly smaller family sizes in lower and middle income countries have empowered women or resulted in fundamental transformations in inequitable gender systems.