Feminist Foreign Policy – May 2019 Discussion Series

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Key Principles & Accountability Mechanisms

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Alice Ridge, Caroline Lambert and Joanne Crawford (IWDA); Rachel Clement, Lyric Thompson and Sarah Gammage (ICRW); and Anne Marie Goetz, Center for Global Affairs (NYU).

There has been increased focus in recent years on the concept of feminist foreign policy (FFP). With the introduction of policies that call themselves feminist in Sweden (2014) and France (2019), and a feminist international development policy in Canada (2017), there is a growing body of work for feminist civil society to consider and critique. The absence of a  common definition or core principles among existing policies is a challenge, and one that activists, academics and advocates are undertaking to respond to, offering ideas as to what constitutes a foreign policy that is responsive to feminist visions for equality, nondiscrimination and justice. It is also important to stress the difference between a feminist foreign policy and one that commits to and advances women’s rights.

Read the full discussion summary by the International Women’s Development Agency (IDWA), the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) and New York University (NYU)’s School of Professional Studies, Center for Global Affairs.