Women’s Economic Empowerment Toolkit and Training for Project Concern International

Project Duration

2021 - Ongoing

Project issues/theme

Economic Opportunity & Security

Lead Project Partners

Project Concern International

ICRW Project Director

Erin Leasure. Prior project leads: Sarah Gammage and Julia Arnold.


Project Concern International (PCI) engaged ICRW to develop a toolkit to measure women’s economic empowerment achieved through PCI’s programs globally. From 2019-2021, ICRW developed this toolkit and worked with PCI to refine it to ensure its effectiveness when applied to programs across different contexts worldwide. ICRW also led toolkit trainings for PCI’s implementation teams.

WEE Toolkit & Training:

ICRW and Project Concern International (PCI) worked to create a series of women’s economic empowerment (WEE) indicators that informed the development of the WEE indicator toolkit. As a continuation of that 2-year partnership, ICRW developed a 2-day training of the toolkit in order to maximize the value of the tools and ensure PCI’s monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and technical staff were prepared to effectively and efficiently implement the toolkit in PCI’s programming, with the goal of improving PCI’s evaluation of women’s economic empowerment through the organization’s programs. ICRW developed a virtual training, which was held on August 23 and 24, 2021 for PCI staff. The training consisted of a PowerPoint presentation overviewing the WEE toolkit and an interactive workshop to practice analysis. During the training, ICRW reviewed the parts of the toolkit, how to properly implement it within programs, and reviewed the analysis plan in depth with an interactive workshop.

Next Steps:

The PCI team is taking lessons learned from the workshops and implementing use of the indicator toolkit, as the organization rolls out WEE programming globally.