Training on WEE Indicators and Toolkit for PCI

Project Duration

June 2021 - September 2021

Project Funder


Lead Project Partners


ICRW Project Director

Emily Schaub


Between 2019 and 2021, ICRW and PCI worked to create and test a series of indicators, including core WEE indicators and thematic indicators. Through this partnership, ICRW produced a quantitative baseline and endline survey tool, a detailed data analysis plan for cross-sectional and longitudinal data reporting, a field testing protocol, and a series of learning questions for each core indicator domain. In order to maximize the value of these tools—and ensure they are effectively and efficiently implemented in programs—PCI contracted ICRW to plan and lead a virtual training workshop for PCI’s M&E and technical staff.

What Methods Are We Using?

Day 1 of the training will focus on implementing the survey tool, including the background of the creation of the tool, particularly as it relates to PCI’s theory of change, as well as guidance on conducting pre-testing and enumerator training. ICRW will also review the indicators under each domain and, where relevant, provide guidance on interpretation, translation and other considerations. Day 2 will focus on analysis at baseline and endline. ICRW will walk through the analysis plan that has been developed with attendees and provide guidance on both the mechanics of using the template and on data interpretation and visualization. If endline data are available, ICRW may facilitate a working session inputting some endline data and conducting comparative analysis. Day 2 will also cover using the learning questions, including a discussion of which questions are answered most fully by the quantitative data and which would require additional research, including what kinds of research might support that. 

Conclusions and Key Publications

Coming soon.