Social Protection Research and Evidence Use in Uganda and Kenya

Project Duration

2023 - 2025

Project Funder

HEWLETT Foundation

Project Countries

Kenya ,Uganda

Project issues/theme

Economic Opportunity & Security, Youth

ICRW Project Director

Private: Marion Ouma, Evelyne Opondo


The  project is a research and policy engagement initiative aimed at deepening understanding of, and action on effective social protection measures for women in Uganda and Kenya. The initiative draws from emerging urgent evidence and lessons learned from our expanding research and policy engagement program work on social protection for vulnerable women and groups in East Africa, as well as other existing evidence on social protection in Africa in general. Its overarching goal is to promote the design and delivery of social protection interventions that work for women in Kenya and Uganda through evidence generation, multi-stakeholder engagement, and structural change.​

Guided by three key and interconnected questions,​ to be addressed using a variety of methodologies, including a scoping review of existing research and primary research with policymakers and various groups of vulnerable women.

The initiative includes significant collaborative work with multiple social protection research, program, and policy actors​ and aligns with the strategy of the Hewlett Foundation’s Gender Equity and Governance Program and ICRW’sGlobal WEE Strategy.