Protecting Human Rights

Project Duration

2011 - 2016

Project Countries


Project issues/theme

Adolescents and Youth, Intimate Partner Violence, Violence Against Women and Girls

Lead Project Partners

Plan, Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers' Association

ICRW Project Director

Ravi Verma


Protecting Human Rights (PHR) is a five year human rights activity project funded by USAID. ICRW is partnering with Plan and the Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers’ Association to reduce the high prevalence of domestic violence and other related human rights violations (including child marriage, anti-stalking, dowry, physical humiliation, torture, trafficking, rape and child abduction).

To achieve this goal, PHR is engaging in an array of activities to encourage policy reform and advocacy, enhance public awareness, and increase public dialogue between the government and civil society on issues of domestic violence and other associated human rights abuses. Interventions under PHR include: 1) advocating for the Government of Bangladesh to adopt and enforce comprehensive women‘s rights and domestic violence policies that includes legislation as the Domestic Violence Bill; 2) ensuring that survivors of domestic violence and other related human rights abuses have greater access to justice; 3) increasing the awareness and capacity of communities throughout Bangladesh to reduce domestic violence.