Men and Gender Equality Policy Project

Project Duration

2007 - 2011

Project Countries

Brazil ,Chile ,Croatia ,India ,Mexico ,Rwanda ,South Africa ,Tanzania, United Republic of

Project issues/theme

Men and Masculinities, Violence Against Women and Girls

Lead Project Partners


ICRW Project Director

Manuel Contreras


The Men and Gender Equality Policy Project (MGEPP), coordinated by ICRW and Instituto Promundo, was a multiyear effort to build the evidence base on how to change public institutions and policies to better foster gender equality and to raise awareness among policymakers and program planners of the need to involve men in health, development and gender equality issues.

Project activities include:

Countries that participated in the project include Brazil, Chile, Croatia, India, Mexico, Rwanda, South Africa and Tanzania.

The project’s multiple research components provided policymakers with practical strategies for engaging men in relevant policy areas, particularly in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, gender-based violence, fatherhood, maternal and child health, and men’s health needs.