HIV Stigma Reduction in Cambodia

Project Duration

2009 - 2010

Project Countries


Project issues/theme

HIV and AIDS, HIV-Related Stigma and Discrimination

Lead Project Partners

Pact Cambodia

ICRW Project Director

Amy Gregowski


HIV-related stigma and discrimination hampers the effective prevention, treatment and care of people living with the virus. ICRW worked with Pact Cambodia’s REACH project to customize a toolkit for communities designed to combat HIV stigma and discrimination and adapted to reflect local realities. ICRW and Pact also created two new toolkits to address stigma and discrimination against entertainment workers and men who have sex with men. Material for the new modules was developed through participatory workshops with local nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and other stakeholders. These local NGOs field-tested the toolkits, providing feedback for finalization of the materials before widely distributing the toolkits.