Evidence and Learning Working Group (ELWG) Measurement of Self-Care Interventions

Project Duration

2021 - 2024

Project Funder


Project Countries

Nigeria ,Uganda

Project issues/theme

Abortion, Adolescents and Youth, Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

ICRW Project Director

Erick Yegon


This project will support the Self-Care Trailblazer Group (SCTG) and Evidence and Learning Working Group (ELWG) in their efforts to improve monitoring and evaluation of self-care interventions in the Africa region (Nigeria and Uganda). The project will develop measurement and metrics guidance for self-care interventions that builds on existing evidence, tools, and frameworks and meets the needs of national self-care stakeholders, including ministries of health and national HMIS programs.

What Did We Set Out to do?

The project will assess the impact of self-care on population health outcomes and while identifying efforts to streamline the plethora of measurement and metrics tools for specific self-care interventions. Specifically, the project aims to:

  • conduct a landscape review of peer-reviewed and technical gray literature (to confirm the specific ‘pain points’ around self-care measurement), as well as a review of the self-care metrics currently in use;
  • develop measurement guidance that includes a suite of proposed, standardized, self-care metrics that are applicable across self-care products/ interventions (with some method-specific metrics as needed), along with data collection approaches (if feasible).

What Methods Are We Using?

A landscape review of self-care measurement and metrics will be done using peer-reviewed and technical gray literature in Africa and globally. ICRW will also carry out consultations with key stakeholders to solicit recommendations on effective and promising self-care measures, as well as interviews with a sample of organizations implementing self-care measurement initiatives. After completing and presenting the landscape review to SCTG, ICRW will develop a self-care measurement framework and guidance. Through findings from the landscape review, ICRW will consolidate a reservoir of indicators –a “results matrix”– and a standard tool for integrating self-care into the existing monitoring and evaluation systems.

Conclusions and Key Publications

Coming soon.