Advancing Women’s Leadership

Project Duration

2006 - 2011

Project Countries

Kenya ,Mexico ,Nepal ,Nigeria

Project issues/theme


Lead Project Partners

CEDPA, International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS, National Minority AIDS Council

ICRW Project Director

Reshma Trasi


ICRW is working to equip a group of women from around the world with the skills they need to lead the global response to HIV and AIDS. The initiative provides women leaders, including women living with HIV, with training sessions to hone leadership and advocacy skills, exchange best practices and learn about innovative responses to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. By empowering women with these skills, they will be able to develop and advocate for more effective HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support.

ICRW will design, conduct and evaluate the leadership training programs, which will be implemented by a consortium led by the Center for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA). In order to encourage a holistic response to HIV/AIDS, ICRW also will build the capacity of women leaders to conduct gender analyses of HIV programs as well as to recognize and address HIV-related stigma and gender-based violence. ICRW will evaluate the impact of the trainings through a series of in-depth case studies of select women leaders.