Action Research in Tanzania on HIV Prevention and Protection for Older Girls

Project Duration

2009 - 2011

Project Countries

Tanzania, United Republic of

Project issues/theme

Adolescents and Youth, HIV and AIDS

Lead Project Partners

Pact Tanzania; TAMASHA; ViiV Healthcare's Positive Action

ICRW Project Director

Jennifer McCleary-Sills


ICRW, in collaboration with Pact Tanzania, TAMASHA and ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action, aims to understand and address the multiple HIV-related risks and vulnerabilities of girls ages 12-17 in four wards of Newala district in southern Tanzania.

Young women from these wards are trained in participatory research methods to conduct a situation analysis in their communities. The aim of this analysis is to better understand the gender-specific vulnerabilities of older girls to HIV.

Based on this information, ICRW and its partners work with the young researchers and community stakeholders to develop and assess a program model to meet the needs of older girls. The extent to which program activities are meeting these needs, and the opportunities and resources available to enhance programming is also assessed.