Reducing stigma and discrimination to improve child health and survival in low- and middle-income countries

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Nayar, U. S., Stangl, A. L., De Zalduondo, B., & Brady, L. M.

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HIV-Related Stigma and Discrimination

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Journal of Health Communication

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Promising Approaches and Implications for Future Research

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19, 142-163


The study is a literature review to identify interventions for reducing the stigma and discrimination that impede child health and well-being in low- and middle-income countries, with a focus on nutrition, HIV/AIDS, neonatal survival and infant health, and early child development. Despite broad consensus on the importance of stigma and discrimination as barriers to access and uptake of health information and services, the authors found a dearth of research and program evaluations directly assessing effective interventions in the area of child health except in the area of reducing HIV-related stigma and discrimination.