Men’s attitudes on gender equality and their contraceptive use in Uttar Pradesh, India

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Mishra, A., Nanda, P., Speizer, I. S., Calhoun, L. M., Zimmerman, A., & Bhardwaj, R.

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Men and Masculinities

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Reproductive Health

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11, 41


Men play a crucial role in contraceptive decision-making, particularly in highly gender-stratified populations. Using the baseline data of the Measurement, Learning, and Evaluation (MLE) Project for the Urban Health Initiative in Uttar Pradesh, India it was found that most men have high or moderate levels of gender sensitive decision-making, have low to moderate levels of restrictions on wife’s mobility, and have moderate to high levels of gender equitable attitudes in all four cities. This study demonstrates that contraceptive programs need to engage men and address gender equitable attitudes; this can be done through peer outreach (interpersonal communication) or via mass media.