Boys and education in the Global South: emerging vulnerabilities and new opportunities for promoting changes in gender norms

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Barker, G., Verma, R., Crownover, J., Segundo, M., Fonseca, V., Contreras, J. M. et al.

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Men and Masculinities

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Journal of Boyhood Studies

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6 (2), 137-150


This article presents a review of global data on boys’ education in the Global South and recent findings on the influence of boys’ educational attainment on their attitudes and behaviors in terms of gender equality. The article also presents three examples—from Brazil, the Balkans, and India—on evaluated, school-based approaches for engaging boys and girls in reducing gender-based violence and promoting greater support for gender equality. Recommendations are provided for how to integrate such processes into the public education system in such a way that provides benefits for both boys and girls in a relational approach.