ICRW is proud to have expanded our research and partnerships in Europe with the official registration of ICRW-UK in July 2020. With our established Asia Office in India and our Africa Offices in Kenya and Uganda, the United Kingdom is a vital hub to advance our efforts in promoting gender-equitable development and responding to the pressing challenges facing women, girls, and structurally excluded populations worldwide.

The International Center for Research on Women UK is a nonprofit registered with the UK Government, Charity number #1190328. 

""Remuneration Policy

Board members do not receive any remuneration for the performance of their duties, other than a reimbursement for reasonable costs actually incurred.

ICRW-UK currently does not have any employees.

Our Board Members

Naila Kabeer

Board Member, United Kingdom

Guy Oliver

Board Member, United Kingdom

Baroness Mary Goudie

Board Member, United Kingdom

""Contact Us

Bates Wells
10 Queen Street Place
London, EC4R 1BE

[email protected]
tel: +12027970007