ICRW Africa – Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Programme

The African Union has set its continental SRHR priorities in the Revised Maputo Plan of Action 2016–2030 which operationalizes the Continental Policy Framework on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights1, the Agenda 2063 ‘The Africa We Want’2 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The commendable intentions of the Plan of Action notwithstanding, African countries continue to bear a disproportionately high share of the global burden of adverse SRH outcomes, and of SRH disorders associated with gender inequality.

It is currently estimated that: 8.3 million women in Africa have unsafe abortions each year 210,000 women die from pregnancy-related conditions. About 42 million of the region’s women do not receive the treatment they need for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and trichomoniasis3.

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