Costs of Sex-based Harassment


The wave of public accusations of sexual harassment and assault fostered by the #MeToo movement has rolled across workplaces in the United States and around the world, shattering the prevailing silence on sex-based harassment and illuminating how sexual harassment negatively affects workers, particularly women, personally and professionally.

In light of its mission to advance gender equity, which fundamentally requires understanding how society forges notions of masculinity and femininity, ICRW entered the discourse with the intent of going beyond hashtags and rhetoric. and adding concrete context and new evidence that sex-based harassment is costing companies far more than they may realize.

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ICRW's Role

Our initial contribution has been to surface the costs and pathways through which sexual harassment affects firms and the economy. Moving forward, our work will center on stimulating informed, corrective action by businesses. Drawing on decades of research on social norm change, ICRW will develop purpose-built diagnostics and tools that will help businesses transform workplace culture and support equitable behaviors and practices.

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