ICRW’S Mother’s Day Contest

Article Date

11 April 2013

Media Contact

Anne McPherson

Vice President, Global Communications email [email protected]

This Mother’s day, show your support for young and adolescent girls everywhere by telling us – or showing us – in a 15-second photo or video what you believe they need to grow up to be healthy, empowered women and role models for their own daughters.

All submissions will be shared on the International Center for Research’s (ICRW) Facebook page. ICRW fans will then vote for a winner simply by liking on the photo or video they believe best captures how governments, international organizations communities and families can empower girls and young women living and poor and marginalized societies around the world. The photo or video with the most votes will feature at the top of ICRW’s Turning Point website in honor of Mother’s Day on May 12th, and shared widely through our social media channels. Just upload a photo or video using your smart phone or other device. 

Adolescence is a decisive period of life. It marks a critical turning point when young people gain the experience, skills, support, and confidence they need to become healthy and productive adults. But for girls growing up in impoverished societies around the world, adolescence is often cut short, with devastating long term effects for the young woman, her family and community. 

The risks are staggering. Millions of girls around the world are married off each year, many in early adolescence and even younger. Most drop out of school, denying them an education needed to lead a healthy, productive adult life. And the greatest cause of death for adolescent girls? Childbirth. 

But there is hope. ICRW is dedicated to identifying sustainable solutions to the many challenges faced by girls. ICRW’s Turning Point Campaign addresses these issues and gives adolescent girls worldwide the chance and the choice to change the course of their lives. 

Now we want your input. The contest closes on May 1, so submit your video or photo soon and make sure your friends, family, colleagues and classmates vote – anyone can participate as long as they are an ICRW fan.

For more information about how to enter and submission guidelines please click here for more details.