ICRW is a local non-profit charity in the Netherlands, known as ICRW-Netherlands. Officially registered in May 2018, ICRW-Netherlands will expand our research and partnerships in Europe, as we have done through our Asia Regional Office in New Delhi, India, and our Africa Regional Office in Kampala, Uganda.

The Netherlands will be a hub to advance our efforts to promote gender-equitable development and respond to the pressing challenges facing women, girls and marginalized communities worldwide.

Officially, ICRW is listed as Stichting International Center for Research on Women – Netherlands. View our official registration here, and our ANBI Policy Plan here.



Prajna Khanna: Chairperson
Surya Ramkumar: Secretary/Treasurer
Dave Jongeneelen: Member



ICRW-Netherlands’ public benefit objectives are to:

  • Generate research evidence that identifies the societal contributions of women, girls and marginalized persons, and addresses the obstacles preventing them from participating fully in society;
  • Strengthen communities by strengthening the health, economic opportunities and safety of women, girls and other minority populations; and
  • Translate data-driven insights into paths of action that honor universal human rights and create the conditions in which all people can thrive.



Board members do not receive any remuneration for the performance of their duties, other than a reimbursement for reasonable costs actually incurred.

ICRW-Netherlands currently does not have any employees. Should this change in the future, employees will to the extent applicable be paid in line with the Collective Labor Agreement for Welfare and Social Services (CAO Welzijn & Maatschappelijke Dienstverlening).


Woudenbergseweg 41, 3711
AA Austerlitz
The Netherlands
tel: +12027970007