Childcare Ecosystem Study Project: A Leap Towards Enhanced Evidence-Informed Decision-Making for System Change

The International Center for Research (ICRW) Africa marked its first significant milestone in the Childcare Ecosystem Study Project with the inaugural Technical Advisory Group (TAG) workshop convening. The workshop brought together subject matter and leading experts and stakeholders to deliberate on strategies aimed at revitalizing the childcare ecosystem in Kenya with actionable evidence.

The workshop underscored the commitment of TAG members to leverage their expertise for systemic change, emphasizing the project’s focus on collaboration across sectors and levels. This research initiative seeks to broaden the understanding and impact of factors influencing childcare services, thus enhancing the provision and quality of care.

Key discussions highlighted the importance of engaging all layers of stakeholders (public sector, private sector, civil society, community structures and international partners), while addressing the nuances of childcare structures prevalent in Kenya. The insights shared point towards a collective aspiration to reshape policies and practices that align with contemporary needs and societal norms.

Significant progress was made in identifying potential pathways for redefining childcare infrastructure, with an emphasis on questioning non-functional funding models to better support service providers. The TAG also delved into the critical aspects of unpaid care policy, the scaling of quality care, and the imperative to influence policy and practice to redefine societal norms around childcare.

In this phase, the study will be carried out in three counties namely, Nairobi, Kisumu and Vihiga. The selection of target counties for the study was strategically based on their unique demographic and geographical attributes, ensuring a balanced representation of Kenya’s diverse communities.

As co-designers and co-owners of this transformative project, the TAG members pledged ongoing support and collaboration, aiming to integrate evidence from past and present initiatives to inform and enhance the childcare ecosystem in Kenya.

This project represents a critical step towards redefining the future of childcare in Kenya, promising a more inclusive, equitable, and supportive ecosystem for children and caregivers alike.

Lookout for more updates as we continue to drive change for the betterment of childcare ecosystem in Kenya.